For those keeping score at home

For those keeping score at home

by digby

Here is a list of the various planned congressional investigations

Cohen payments
Trump hotel lease
Census citizenship question
Prescription drug prices
Security clearances
Russian sanctions

Russian collusion
Border wall
Russian sanctions

Protecting Mueller
Family separation

Way and means:
Trump tax returns

Natural resources:
Puerto Rico remibursements

Energy and Commerce:
Family separation
EOA and climate change

Homeland security
Border security

Foreign Affairs:
Russian sanctions

Trump hotel lease
Russian sanctions

That's just for starters.

I assume the different committees have different questions about some of these overlaps (like Russian sanctions) and that they are divvying up the duties. 

No wonder Trump's hysterical.  Did he think they weren't going to do it?  Did no one tell him how this works or was it another case where he was too busy wanking watching Fox and friends and didn't pay attention?