McCabe on 60 Minutes by tristero

McCabe on 60 Minutes 

by tristero

Be sure to watch the whole thing. I couldn't help but think that here was a man who (1) spent his entire life believing that Republicans were the good guys, (2) because he believed he himself was a good guy, he could only be a Republican, and (3) now realized that, because of Trump, nothing he had ever believed about what was "good" was true.

McCabe sounds shaken to his core, completely confused about how he could have been so wrong about so many fundamental verities. He also sounds depressed at the state his country finds itself in, and terrified. He's not alone.

But McCabe's interview is unnecessary. There is already more than abundant evidence for impeachment against Trump and his cronies. The only reason he hasn't been forced from office is due to other Republicans who are enabling his corruption, obstruction, vindictiveness and destruction of this country.

As McCabe learned the hard way, it is the Republican party itself that is the problem. Trump is merely a symptom.