An otherwise blameless life

An otherwise blameless life

by digby

That nasty federal judge in the first Manafort case, let the treasonous bastard off easy today, sentencing him to 47 months less  9 months for time served.  He said the sentencing guidelines are excessive, compared Manafort's crimes to low level types involved in the Mueller cases, and said that he's a good friend and has led "an otherwise blameless life."

Sure except for all the money laundering and bank fraud for years and years and years, he's been a real angel.

I guess all those crimes he's admitted to committing in the DC case mean nothing. Or the witness tampering and the repeated lying to prosecutors.  Not to mention the fact that he's been known as the "torturers lobbyist" for decades. And that includes that psycho he worked for in Ukraine over the past decade.

He'll be facing Judge Amy Berman Jackson in the DC court next week. She could add another 10 years on to this slap on the wrist. But I expect that even if she does, Trump will commute his sentence or give him a pardon.

How do we know this? Manafort's lawyer only said one thing after the sentence was handed down:

I think most importantly what you saw today was the same thing that we had said since day one. There is absolutely no evidence that that Paul Manafort was involved was involved with any collusion with any government official from Russia.

Donald Trump , if you're listening .... 

And note that he was very specific --- "no government official in Russia."

Meanwhile, think about these innocent boys that Trump insisted needed to be executed before they even had a trial: