He doesn't know that foreign automakers manufacture in the US

He doesn't know that foreign automakers manufacture in the US

by digby

He really doesn't. He talks about cars being unloaded on the docks in Long Beach and they don't pay while "our" cars pay big tariffs in their country --- because it's something he saw back in 1986. He is clueless. Now he's the president and he's doing stupid stuff like this:

President Donald Trump attacked foreign carmakers on Friday — while postponing a tariff increase for six months — which led Japanese carmaker Toyota to make what could be a veiled threat by pointing out that they are the force behind 475,000 jobs in the United States, one way or another.

According to a report in Bloomberg, “In an unusually strong-worded statement, Japan’s largest automaker said Trump’s proclamation Friday that the U.S. needs to defend itself against foreign cars and components ‘sends a message to Toyota that our investments are not welcomed.’ The company said it has spent more than $60 billion building operations in the country, including 10 manufacturing plants.”

In the statement, Toyota made a pointed reference to how many Toyotas are on the road in the U.S., to say nothing about how the American’s depend on the company for jobs — including in states Trump needs in the 2020 election.

“Toyota has been deeply ingrained in the U.S. for over 60 years. Between our R&D centers, 10 manufacturing plants, 1,500-strong dealer network, extensive supply chain and other operations, we, directly and indirectly, employ over 475,000 in the U.S.,” the statement read, adding, “Most every American has a Toyota story and we are very proud of the fact that over 36 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles are still on U.S. roads today. Our operations and employees contribute significantly to the American way of life, the U.S. economy and are not a national security threat. “

Trump is sacrificing farmers to his ridiculous trade war. Why not auto manufacturers too?

The man is so thoroughly ignorant and yet arrogant on trade that it makes your head hurt. The fact that all these supposed laissez-faire, free trading Republicans are acting like a bunch of potted plants and the Democrats are flailing about ineffectually is a very big clue as to how all this will go if Trump gets validated in 2020. This lunacy will know no bounds.