Big ratings

Big ratings

by digby

This is good news:

Thursday night's Democratic debate featuring Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and eight other candidates was the highest-rated Democratic match-up in Nielsen ratings history.
Final viewership numbers won't be available until Friday afternoon. But the so-called "overnight" ratings, recording how many households tuned in, showed a 15 to 20 percent increase over Wednesday, which was night one of the two-night event.

Wednesday night's debate on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo had a 12.3 household rating, in the "overnights," and Thursday night had a 14.1 rating.

The total viewership on Wednesday night was around 15.3 million viewers, just shy of the all-time ratings record for Democratic party primary debates.

More than 15 million viewers tuned into the first Democratic debate of the 2020 race
The record was set in October 2015, when 15.5 million viewers tuned in to CNN for the first primary season debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Given the strong household rating for Thursday night, the total viewership could be in the ballpark of 17 million. Nielsen (NLSN) will distribute the actual viewership numbers Friday afternoon.

The high ratings have exceeded the expectations of NBC executives and surprised others in the TV industry. Democratic officials have cheered the news.

"The more people that watch our candidates, the more people are gonna like our candidates," DNC chair Tom Perez told the Washington Post.

But before Democrats get too excited, remember that Donald Trump is a train wreck that nobody can resist slowing down to watch:

The ratings still fall far short of the Trump-fueled records for Republican primary debates that were set in 2015. Trump's first time on the debate stage, in August 2015, helped attract 24 million viewers to Fox News. His second time, the following month, helped draw 23 million viewers to CNN.

The freak show has some advantages. Still, it's good news that so many people tuned in this early. It's only going to get more interesting as time goes on.