Ravelry Gets It by tristero

Ravelry Gets It 

by tristero

Indeed they do:
Ravelry is a website where both millennials and knitting grannies (among other demographics) meet to talk about knitting, crocheting, weaving, and other craft and fabric arts. But if you plan to crochet a MAGA hat or knit a Trump sweater, think twice about posting it on Ravelry. The forum-style website, which is often described as "Facebook for knitters," recently issued a statement that they would ban open support of Donald Trump on their site. 
The reason: it has become abundantly clear to the owners of Ravelry (following the RPGNet forums) that Trump is a white supremacist, and that his followers are cynically exploiting the tolerance of the knitting community in order to spread hate and divisiveness. Trumpists can post about knitting but they don't want them promoting white supremacist memes (like MAGA). Ravelry has standards.

Trump supporters, of course, are free to form their own knitting online community, and I hope they do. That's called support for freedom of speech. For all I care, they can collaborate with knitters in the KKK and Stormfront and run their own Web site.

If they can find a company that will host it.