Watch Chernobyl, learn the cost of climate crisis lies @spockosbrain

Watch Chernobyl, learn the cost of climate crisis lies 

By Spocko

I wrote to my niece about HBO's Chernobyl:

Hey Niece:

As the smartest woman I know who has been to Russia, I thought of you when I saw the Chernobyl mini-series. If you haven't seen it I would highly recommend it.

 The Chernobyl mini-series is the best and most important show on TV right now.It's about people in power lying, covering up the truth and the cost of those lies.

It also shows outstanding heroism. The Chernobyl podcast series link it is an excellent companion to the show. It explains a lot of the reasons for why the story was written as it was.

In the podcast the author talks about the power of narrative and truth. The last episode, is about the scientists' obligation to the truth, and what it cost them.

The marked section below is from the first Chernobyl Podcast with the author Craig Mazin.

He talks about the cost of lies from that incident and how the Soviets handled it, and compares it to today's climate crisis and climate emergency deniers.

Mazin says we can get away with a lie for a very long time, but the truth just doesn't care.

Here's the clip of him explaining this is from 7:32 to 9:17

I was blown away by the writing, the structure of the story and the acting. Even the music soundtrack is excellent and adds to the show.

The obvious parallel between this incident and the climate crisis is clear.

I made a clip of the Emily Watson character and added the subtitles.

This scene shows a lot of what the show is about a female scientist vs. male Soviet official. I see your intelligence, strength and compassion in her character.

Hope you are well.
Uncle Spocko