Lock him up? I doubt it

Lock him up

by digby

Trump is totally in denial about the real possibility that he could be indicted after he leaves office, berates a second reporter who asks him about it and calls them "fake news" pic.twitter.com/UvRqZDihKq

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) July 24, 2019

He is concerned because he's spent the last three years saying that his political rival should be put in jail. His accomplices and henchmen are still saying it and his followers continue to chant it at the mere mention of her name. He sees it as a real threat.

What he doesn't understand is that Democrats are concerned about hypocrisy and because they've been very vocal about not "going after" a defeated political rival they are highly unlikely to indict Trump for crimes for which they refused to impeach him.

Right now they're saying it's "time to move on" and pass some more message bills that will never get signed. The idea that they will go after Trump for any of the crimes of which he's been accused as a candidate and president is unrealistic. It's remotely possible that a new crime might get the attention of the New York authorities but I think Democratic voters should be prepared for the fact that if Trump gets away with all this while he's president, that will be the end of it. They will want to close the book on this episode and pretend it never happened.

I just watched some Democrats in Michigan all say that they don't care about Trump and they want the Democrats to talk exclusively about their plans to fix the problems in their daily lives. They say, in so many words, that they don't care about this threat to our democracy and the rule of law. It's clear that they see the government solely as a tool to offer them material benefits. Civil liberties, corruption or even traitorous behavior are simply of no concern to them. Just like the 1% whom they all claim to disdain, they care about their pocketbooks and only their pocketbooks.

So maybe Pelosi understands Democratic voters in the only states that count better than West Coast irrelevances like myself. All this high-falutin' talk about human rights, justice, ethics and freedom are silly distractions from what really matters. Money. And that means any energy spent trying to restore our democracy to a place where real progress on social justice can be achieved is probably no going to get a whole lot of attention.

I'm sorry to sound so pessimistic but I made a promise when Trump was elected to try to see things as clearly as possible. I probably fail at that most of the time but I do think it's important to keep trying.

I hope I'm wrong.