The NY Times's Moral Disgrace by tristero

The NY Times's Moral Disgrace 

by tristero

The NY Times has recently published numerous intelligent op-eds openly denouncing Trump's racism and bigotry. But the actual editorial board of the Times apparently won't call Trump what he is until he starts gassing immigrants en masse or arresting members of Congress. Here's the lede to their official editorial response to the "Send her back" chant:
Donald Trump insists he’s not a racist. This is, increasingly, a bit beside the point. 
Bullshit. Total bullshit.

First, Trump's racism is the point. It's his main calling card, he knows it and the Times's editors know it. Second. claiming it's "a bit besides the point" lets him personally off the hook, as if he doesn't know what he's doing (when it comes to racism, he most certainly does).

And the reason they let him off the hook is that they're so in thrall to his celebrity, his wealth, and his position that they actually took his denial seriously. They even put his denial in the first goddamm sentence as if his denial was the single most important thing to know about the "Send her back" chant.

Here's what the lede should have said:
Donald Trump is a racist. His denials are entirely besides the point.
The rest of the editorial is equally evasive and cowardly. They have no idea, even now, about who and what they are dealing with. Trump is an American fascist who is only a few tweets and rallies away from openly inciting his MAGAts to violence against his explicitly named enemies.