From Russia with strings by @BloggersRUs [UPDATED]

We are very, very sorry. Super sorry. Very super-sorry

by digby

This morning Tom Sullivan wrote a blog post in this space called "From Russia with strings" referencing a Lawrence O'Donnell segment on last night's "Last Word." Later in the day he received a letter from Charles Harder, attorney for the president demanding that the post be retracted and an apology issued. The Hollywood Reporter has a full report on its web site explaining that the president's lawyer sent these letters to MSNBC and others who referenced the program.

Mr Harder is the lawyer who successfully sued Gawker so obviously this little blog is no match for him. We do not have lawyers on staff or resources to hire them. NBC is fully capable of litigating any free-speech issues pertaining to the president of the United States and O'Donnell has backed off of his report.

So, Tom and I (as the proprietor of this blog) do hereby retract this post citing a major news organization. And we are so, so, so sorry that we ever even thought of doing such a thing on a blog in America in 2019. The President of the United States takes a very strong stand against public defamation and we should follow his fine example.

Moreover, let us go on record assuring the Trump Organization that we believe Donald Trump is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being we have ever known in our lives.

--- digby