Graham pulls out the pom poms

Graham pulls out the pom poms

by digby

Crooks and Liars:
Yesterday, after even Fox News host Martha MacCallum acknowledged that the stock market plunged as a result of Donald Trump’s tweeted demand that American companies “immediately start looking for an alternative to China,” Graham was upbeat. “I like it,” he said about Trump’s tactics. “I’m 100% with him.”
Not surprisingly, Graham didn’t mention any of that, nor did MacCallum ask, as Graham dismissed the stock market plummet and higher prices as no biggie in relation to Trump’s glorious leadership: “The stock market doesn’t impress me at all when it comes to China,” Graham said. “What impresses me is the president’s determination to get them to change their behavior.”

Graham even suggested Trump further escalate the trade war: “They sell us a lot more than we buy from them. We could put tariffs on a lot more products coming out of China than they can put tariffs of products going into China from the United States."... “Will we feel this as consumers? Yes." ...

Despite his own behind-the-scenes opposition, Graham all but pulled out the pompoms for Trump’s trade war now. “Mr. President, keep it up. You’re the only guy in my lifetime who’s ever taken on China. And you’ve got a good hand, play it out,” Graham gushed.

Graham thinks he can blather this sycophantic garbage to win re-election among his Trump cultist South Carolina voters and he's probably right.

He also thinks that no one will remember it or care about it once Trump is gone and he attempts to become a respected mainstream "statesman" again. Sadly, he's probably right about that too.