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Monday, August 12, 2019

Powerful men DO get convicted of sex crimes. Let's learn from those cases.

By Spocko

We live in a world where powerful men have sexually trafficked women and raped children repeatedly, over years. They employ fixers who use multiple methods to stop victims from obtaining justice.

What can you do? First. Stop thinking the rich and powerful will always win. 
It's easy to be cynical when we see the powerful at the top get away with their crimes. But they don't always.

In our system the powerful men's fixers exploit victim's lack of equivalent legal, financial and PR resources to prevent justice and to silence the victims. They use the general public's cynicism, impatience and learned helplessness as a tool. But when you give up hope of men ever coming to justice, you let the child rapists and their protectors win. But they don't always win.

Jerry Sandusky 
I've written about the Epstein case twice. July 10th Epstein And Trump: The Cover Up And The Child Rape and July 26th, Epstein Found Injured in Jail. Suicide Attempt? Or Attempted “Suicide? As a time traveler I knew what was going to happen. Time travel is easy, what's hard is knowing what has to change to get to a different outcome. It turns out that there are many things that need to change because there are multiple people and systems that are working to keep things the same. Each must be addressed.

I'm going to tell you what The Fixers, the people protecting the powerful, will be doing next. By anticipating what each type of Fixer will do, you can set traps and catch them in the act.

One type of Fixer is already at work on you now thought the media. They are telling you that there aren't enough smart people with integrity who can stop them from getting away with human trafficking and child rape. Don't believe them.

The 4 Fixers: Thug, Legal, PR and Media

1) Thug fixers intimidate witnesses, their families and prosecutors. The also destroy evidence. Actions:
  • BLACKMAIL or pay off internal people.
  • BREAK INTO evidence lockers.
  • BLOW UP evidence. Photo from Epstein's 2018 island "accidental" explosion)

2018 "accident" on Epstein's island
This is 2019, so expect high tech methods like corrupting copies, tampering with one video to contaminate the credibility of all the other videos. They are going to do this! Use the temptation as a honey pot. There will be more than one group trying to do this.

They will try to reach both victims and their families. Be prepared. Monitor, trace, identify, arrest, prosecute, convict and jail.

2) Legal fixers (Team Dershowitz) use payoffs and non-disclosure agreements to silence witnesses. Actions: Multiple legal maneuvers to delay the case and suppress evidence too.

The trickiest of the fixers, they are the most dangerous, to other fixers.
One way to bust them is to pit them against each other. This is happening right now. One Legal Fixer is working to keep victims quiet about THEIR specific client. They have a victim give out the names of other accused who are already dead, unprotected by power or lack leverage. Notice this Daily Beast story from one victim, Virginia Roberts. She names the accused who are the dead, already been accused and already have a defense strategy and vaguely name others.

From Roberts.
“There was, you know, another foreign president, I can’t remember his name. He was Spanish. There's a whole bunch of them that I just—it’s hard for me to remember all of them. you know, I was told to do something by these people constantly, told to—my whole life revolved around just pleasing these men and keeping Ghislaine and Jeffrey happy. Their whole entire lives revolved around sex.”
Say you are the lawyer for the foreign president, "If you keep my client out of the story there is $12 million Euros in it for you and your family."  The victim's lawyers (and their families) might suggest they take the pay out and sign an NDA.

Some people will say, 'Can you blame them? They won't ever get a conviction, take the money." Others victims' lawyers and their families will say, "Keep fighting! Don't take the pay out!"

My friends who have been in situations like this say, 'Listen to the victims."

People make decisions for lots of reasons,  respect them. We can't force our idea of what is right and what is justice on them. HOWEVER, in this case, since it is such a big case, there are victims who WANT to keep pushing. We can support them.

There are women and their families who have already gone through the intimidation, pay offs and failure of the justice system. They are continuing to fight when others can't. For example these women in the Miami Herald video

 If you don't want this case to drop, help these women. 

What to expect from PR and Media Fixers 

3) PR Fixers redirect the narrative away from their client perpetrators onto others.
Today, it was "The Clintons"  This is the "both sides do it" the media are trained to respond to. They use guilt by association.

4) PR Fixers push a sense of inevitable failure.  You will hear this from pundits with technical, political or legal reasons "Sadly, they got away with it because..." When people believe no change is possible because the most powerful people in the world haven't faced justice yet it provides cover for all the people who CAN be caught and punished. We also need to remember those who have been caught and punished.
Booking photo of Dennis Hastert
5) PR Fixers 'rehabilitate' the guilty. I don't want to go into detail with this method, because it is especially sad. There was a whole multi-million dollar campaign to get Epstein back into polite society.

How The Media Helps Cover Up For The Powerful

Another somewhat unwilling fixer is the main stream media. PR and legal fixers use the rules of journalism to keep stories about their clients quiet. They also use the rights of the victims to protect the predators. This is especially nasty because they use journalist's good faith protection of the accused to protect the guilty.

 Which reminds me of Deborah Jeane Palfrey's case (dubbed the D.C. Madam) 
She was convicted on April 15, 2008 of racketeering, using the mail for illegal purposes, and money laundering. Slightly over two weeks later, facing a prison sentence of five or six years, she was found hanged. Autopsy results and the final police investigative report concluded that her death was a suicide.
"In combination with Palfrey's statement that she had 10,000 to 15,000 phone numbers of clients, this caused several clients' lawyers to contact Palfrey to see whether accommodations could be made to keep their identities private. Ultimately, ABC News, after going through what was described as "46 lb" [21 kg] of phone records, decided that none of the potential clients was sufficiently "newsworthy" to bother mentioning."
From my July 26th story:
"We are told that pedophiles get a "tough time" in prison. We have been conditioned to expect a "suicide" like in the D.C. Madam case. If Epstein is killed and the videos and evidence disappear some people will be relieved, they will have gotten away with it, again. Like in his previous case. We can't let those people rest easily."
In the Palfrey case it was between consenting adults. I wonder if any of those people are "newsworthy" now? But sex trafficking and raping children is different. Will the media protect child rapists? They might if they think the victims' privacy is an issue, or fear defamation lawsuits. So again, sometimes the rules of the journalism designed to protect the innocent and can be used to protect the guilty.
Larry Nassar 
Most of you humans have empathy. When you use your empathy do you put yourself in the position of the powerful or the victims?
The Fixers for powerful people will be using all their tools, assets and leverage to make this go away for powerful men. They are counting on weaknesses in law enforcement, the justice system, and human frailty to keep their clients out of trouble.

But I know that there are hundreds of people working together to help the women, the survivors. Because the pay for the powerful is better, some humans are embedded in the system of fixers working to protect the powerful. Maybe you are one of them. These humans make choices on actions both big and small. Sometimes they make "mistakes" and slip up.  After all, they are only human. We all need to look and listen for these accidental whistleblowers. They might be friends and relatives.

The powerful have insiders in our systems. We have insiders in theirs.

Finally, I've used the word victim a lot in this story, I know that survivor is a better term. I'm trying to change my perspective but I realize my internal word choice is part of the things that need to change. In that spirit I'd like to quote a line from one of my favorite stories about some survivors.

They alive, dammit!
Females are strong as hell.