The stupidest solution of all

The stupidest solution of all

by digby

John Amato at Crooks and Liars caught Hannity with a real doozy:

On Monday evening's edition of Fox News' Hannity, Trump's BFF proposed that the almost 100,000 public schools in America be surrounded by ex-military and law enforcement officials as a way to protect them from mass shootings.

The bizarre and insane has become the practical and normal under the Trump administration.

Wacko Florida Secretary of State Pam Bondi seemed more furious at Democrats who said they didn't want your thoughts and prayers instead of the actual killers. "That sunk to a new low for our country," she said.

Hannity jumped back in, "Let's stop school shootings," he said. "Let's stop mall shootings we'll start there."

He continued, "I'd like to see the perimeter of every school and mall secured by retired police, which you are, by retired Secret Service, which you are - military."

"I want guys to donate 15 hours. I think we can cover every school every hour every day. Add a metal detector. Have one armed guard on every floor on every school," Hannity said, serious as a drum.

(It's not a one-armed man like Bob from Twin Peaks.)

The payment for these volunteers would be they'd get to pay no federal or state income taxes. It's as if Hannity believes ex-law enforcement and military make just as much money as he does (reportedly $2.4 million A MONTH) even after their retirement.

Hannity continued, "Inside every hall in every mall. Now that gives us an instant response that we normally wouldn't have."

Hannity is so full of himself he didn't realize that the mass murderer from Dayton was killed within 30 seconds of his rampage, (an incredible response time) and still he was able to kill nine people, but I digress.

The always idiotic Dan Bongino said a president (from any party) has the right to be protected so why not everybody else.

As farcical as his words are, Hannity is proposing a paramilitary police state throughout the United States. Can you imagine if President Obama proposed the same thing? Hannity and his ilk would be screaming Obama had started Marshall law against conservatives.

That's fine, as far as it goes. But this is really about personal responsibility. All citizens should be required to wear body armor and helmets when they are in public. And maybe we need to think bigger.

People are out here exercising their freedom to kill in massive numbers and if you aren't responsible enough to protect yourself from their freedom exercising, maybe you should just stay home.

It's not complicated.