There is nothing too small for him to lie about

There is nothing too small for him to lie about

by digby

Daniel Dale of CNN made note of this Trump boast on twitter:

At least seven times since November 6, 2016, including at his rally last night, Trump has claimed that he was once named Michigan’s Man of the Year.

All signs point to this never having happened.

If you once gave Donald Trump the Michigan Man of the Year award, or work for Trump and want to set me straight about this very real award, please email me at

Someone finally stepped up:

I have made progress on the Michigan Man investigation. Former GOP congressman Dave Trott calls to say Trump claimed to him that he was given the award at a Lincoln Day dinner Trott invited him to speak at in 2013. But Trott says there was no award, just a speech.

Trott says that Trump thanked him for the alleged award at a 2017 roundtable with auto CEOs. Trott says he wasn’t about to correct Trump in front of CEOs while in Congress, but now he’s out of office and doesn’t care, so he can say Trump made it up.

Trott adds that the speech was well-received. He also adds that Trump insisted he had to tell the press that it was the largest Oakland County Lincoln Day Dinner crowd ever, even though Trott told him he had no idea if that was true. He says Trump claimed CBS said it was.

This is revealing. Trump doesn't just make these petty dishonest boasts on his own. He actively enlists other Republicans in his childish lies and they go along with it.

In fact, they don't just go along with it, they actively support this addled narcissist. It's astonishing.