"Congratulations on the invasion!"

"Congratulations on the invasion!"

by digby

REPORTER: Do you have a message for Poland on the 80th anniversary of World War 2?

TRUMP: "I do have a great message for Poland & we have Mike Pence, our vice president, is just about landing right now...I just want to congratulate Poland"

[Poland was smashed by Nazis in 1939] pic.twitter.com/PIOrhx3eC7

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) September 2, 2019

I'm sure they were thrilled to hear it:

Polish leaders hoped to use Sunday’s ceremony to highlight Poland’s role as victim in both the war, and in the peace that followed. The main commemorations were moved to Warsaw from Westerplatte, where the first volleys of artillery from the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein on Sept. 1, 1939, signified the outbreak of World War II.

“The experience of Poland in the Second World War greatly differed from Western European countries,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote in a paid article published on Friday by the German newspaper Die Welt. “The occupation of France and Poland was incomparable.”

Polish officials had hoped that Mr. Trump would bolster that theme, but he scrapped his trip on Thursday, saying he needed to monitor Hurricane Dorian, which was barreling toward the East Coast and was declared a Category 5 on Sunday.

Mike Pence spoke some gibberish about faith in God which is probably better than whatever stale speech they had planned for the ignoramus in chief. Still, it's hard to see how anything he said would have been any worse than "congratulations" on the anniversary of the German invasion in 1939.

Honestly, I doubt he had any idea what he was going over there to do.

At least he's consistent in endorsing Nazi classic as well as the Neo- iteration. https://t.co/DYDDn1kLaK

— Frank Rich (@frankrichny) September 3, 2019