Just Wait by tristero

Just Wait 

by tristero

It's not merely that American democracy has collapsed. It's that the very concept of an American democracy in the ways we understood it when I was growing up is now unthinkable.

With this and this, every last delusion that moderates held about Trump has been punctured. The gloves are starting to come off. (That's right: up until now, I think we've been enjoying the halcyon years of the Trump presidency. He's now beginning to get serious.)

Meanwhile, in response, Pelosi and Schumer have offered Trump a nice, cute photo-op on guns.  If we still had even the shards of a real democracy left, they would be immediately laughed at and driven out of office.

This may seem a bit much, I know, but barring some kind of intervention from the all-knowing Flying Spaghetti Monster, the next year will demonstrate even to the most "moderate" among us that I'm not hyperventilating. I hope to be proven wrong, but I don't see how.