No, billionaires are not victims

No, billionaires are not victims

by digby

Here's one who isn't buying into their whining:
Billionaire and former Goldman Sachs partner Michael Novogratz urged his rich friends to “lighten up” about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and her plans to impose a wealth tax if she’s elected president.

“You’re not victims; you’re the richest people in the world,” Novogratz said Friday in an interview with Bloomberg. “How in God’s name do you feel like a victim?”

“It’s insanity,” he said. ”‘They’re going to come and get us.’ No! You’re going to get taxed a little more. Lighten up!”

Novogratz, who is now invested in cryptocurrency, said it makes sense to tax the wealthy to help those who are struggling in the nation.

“The way the country is functioning today, the bottom 60% aren’t doing well,” Novogratz noted. Warren is “speaking to that group. She wants to redistribute.”

He said that 97% of the “people in my world are really, really fearful of her.”

They “don’t like her, they’re worried about her, they think she’s anti-rich,” he added. “It’s a little carried away.”

Novogratz said he’d prefer a more “centrist” Democratic candidate but isn’t yet convinced anyone else can win. He called Warren a “good politician” as well as “smart” and “witty.”

Yeah, it's a little carried away alright. It's as delusional as the Trump voters who think the Mexicans are coming to take over the country.

These people also opposed Obama's reforms. And they voted against Clinton despite the fact that she was running against an ignoramus conman. They are Republicans who only care about their tax rates. They actually aren't all that bright because they don't understand just how angry and frustrated the masses are becoming with this selfishness and greed and they are putting their futures at grave risk just so that they can collect every last penny. It's another indictment of elite higher education that they don't realize this.