Young Republicans starting to peel off

Young Republicans starting to peel off

by digby

If the GOP cares at all about their future they should take a hard look at this:

While majorities of Republicans and Republican leaners across all age categories disapprove of the impeachment inquiry, there is more support for the inquiry among young Republicans (30% of those younger than 30) than those 65 and older.

That's from the new Pew Poll which finds this astonishing number:

Pew also found that 54% approve of the impeachment proceedings so of those folks apparently don't care, which is something. (And frankly, every time I hear Democrats saying that voters don't care about all this and only want to talk about their own pocketbooks, they reinforce that notion.)

That 30% of young GOP voters could end up being a big problem. Even young Republicans are idealists. If they leave over Trump many of them won't go back. And the Republicans aren't getting very many coverts these days.