It can't happen here --- unfortunately

It can't happen here --- unfortunately

by digby

Trump's good buddy is a lot like Trump:

Israel's attorney general unveiled charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate corruption investigations Thursday, marking the first time in the country's history that a sitting prime minister faces indictment in criminal investigations.

Netanyahu has proclaimed his innocence ever since the criminal investigations became public nearly three years ago. He was expected to make an announcement on Thursday evening.

Even though a formal indictment may be months away, the charges are a blow to the political and personal future of Israel's longest-serving Prime Minister, who has held office for more than thirteen years in total.

I assume that will have an effect on this:

Chances for a third Israeli election in less than a year rose on Wednesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s chief rival announced he would miss a deadline to form a ruling coalition.

Benny Gantz, the leader of the centrist Kahol Lavan party, announced that he was unable to put together a government by Wednesday’s midnight deadline following Netanyahu’s own failure to do so.

The Israeli parliament, known as the Knesset, now starts a 21-day period in which it can try to nominate any one of its 120 lawmakers to try and establish a coalition.

Should that effort fail, an election is triggered within 90 days, sending Israelis to the polls for an unprecedented third time in under a year.

Gantz said he had turned over every possible stone in the 28-day period he was allotted to form a coalition but expressed confidence that his support would grow in a third election, according to a translation of his comments by The Hill.

It's hard to imagine Likud going to election with Netanyahu at this point but what do I know?

Are all right-wingers corrupt? I'm beginning to think it's definitional.