No one is safe in Trump World

No one is safe in Trump World

by digby

You knew this was coming, right?

Trump has fumed for weeks that Pompeo is responsible for hiring State Department officials whose congressional testimony threatens to bring down his presidency, the officials said. The president confronted Pompeo about the officials — and what he believed was a lackluster effort by the secretary of state to block their testimony — during lunch at the White House on Oct. 29, those familiar with the matter said.

….“He feels like he’s getting a bunch of blame from the president and the White House for having hired all these people who are turning against Trump,” an official familiar with the dynamic said of Pompeo, “and that it’s the State Department that is going to bring him down, so it’s all Pompeo’s fault.”

Pompeo has been trying to maintain a shred of credibility for a future Senate and/or White House run by being cagey on Ukraine in a thoroughly unconvincing way. But that's a non-starter no matter what Trump does. He lashed himself to that ship a long time ago.

Nonetheless, it's delicious seeing this D-list tea partyer have to sweat. He's being excoriated for betraying all the people who work for him while Trump is having a fit that he isn't bringing the hammer down harder. It's hard out here for a sycophant.