Psycho-president loves him some war criminals

Psycho-president loves him some war criminals

by digby

He wanted to give the death penalty to innocent people.

Nobody knows exactly when he plans to do this --- he might have done it by the time you read this. But he's decided:

President Trump is expected to intervene in three military justice cases involving service members charged with war crimes any day, issuing pardons or otherwise clearing them of wrongdoing and preventing the U.S. military from bringing the same charges again, three U.S. officials said Thursday.

White House and Pentagon officials have been working out the details for days, said the officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. The details were not all clear but are expected to involve executive clemency, in which Trump can pardon someone or shorten a prison sentence through commutation.

The actions have been anticipated by U.S. officials and advocates for the service members for weeks, and decried by some military justice experts for what they see as a subversion of the legal process. But those experts also acknowledge that, as commander in chief, Trump has broad authority in the cases to act as he sees fit.
I know he hates all the Bush-Obama wars because they're not the big, good wars that a real man would lead to a glorious victory. But if there is anyone out there who thinks he isn't a psychopathic warmonger in his dreams they need to think again. He loves war crimes and war criminals. He celebrated torture, even beheading and mass shootings, during the campaign. If the worst happened and we somehow end up at war, you don't even want to think about what he's going to do.