A Change in the Gold Standard by tristero

A Change in the Gold Standard 

by tristero

The most notable thing in yesterday's hearing was a significant and barely noticed change in the gold standard Democrats applied to their strategy.

Their three witnesses were clearly mainstream Democrats, likely politically moderate if not liberal. In other words, there was no attempt by the Dems to call an "even-a-conservative-thinks-Trump's-a-danger" lawyer from, say, the Federalist Society or some other far-right group.

Put another way, Democrats no longer feel the need to prove that "See, the grownups also agree with us!"

This is, as they say, a sign of growing maturity.

Note; As for the fellow called by the Trumpists who pretended to be non-partisan, Maddow convincingly demonstrated in her show opener last night that he is really a long time Republican apologist. Nadler also made mincemeat of his posturing in his closing remarks.