Anti-Semitism Is About to Become Official US Policy by tristero

Anti-Semitism Is About to Become Official US Policy

by tristero

The United States is about to enshrine anti-Semitism as its official policy:
Liberal American Jewish advocacy groups have reacted with horror to reports that President Donald Trump plans to sign an executive order defining Judaism as a nationality rather than just a religion. 
According to a Tuesday report from The New York Times, the president is planning the order to help combat anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses and crack down on boycott campaigns against the state of Israel. 
But progressive Jewish groups suggested the reported move is actually anti-Semitic, in that [it] casts Jews as a separate nationality to all other Americans...
Exactly. If Judaism is a nationality, then Jews by definition, can no longer be American citizens. Unless, of course, they renounce their loyalty to Judaism. Regardless, there will always be the suspicion of dual loyalty.

And that, dear readers, is anti-Semitism, plain and simple.


Adding: Trump's anti-Semitic initiative also implicates Jews more directly in Israeli policies. Because Jews are, by definition, citizens of a Jewish nation, that means that Jews living in the US who forcefully criticize Israel (their actual nation, the nation of Jews) betray their country.

No, it's not really coherent, but it doesn't matter. What matters are the consequences of this incredibly dangerous Trump policy:

If you think anti-Semitic hate crimes are on the rise — and they most certainly are — you ain't seen nothing yet.

UPDATE: And what I mean is there will be more killings, like Pittsburgh and, now, Jersey City