Once, Again, He Got Away With It. (But Actually He Didn't) by tristero

Once, Again, He Got Away With It. (But Actually He Didn't)

by tristero

He cheated on his wife, paid off the porn director he slept with, subverted an election, and only a disposable minion went to jail. Now, he just got away with the assassination of a major figure of a foreign government. They merely slapped his wrist. He never suffers consequences,

But actually, that's not true. Iran's leaders are not stupid. Nor are they powerless, like the abject victims of Trump University.

The base attacks were obviously mere theater that used relatively ineffectual weapons that did little damage. Trump and his thugs think that sent a signal that Iran doesn't want a war. But I suspect they're merely saving the serious missiles for a future conflict. The public statements saying that the retaliation would be "proportionate" are blatant deflections that only a Trump (and a wishful American media) would believe. It is very unlikely that the Iranians are serious when they say that they are not going to escalate. The real retaliations may take place months or even years from now. And they will be stealth, untraceable, and implacable.

No, I'm positive. He didn't get away with it this time.