To all MSM producers: Tell us who pays the war experts you are booking now @spockosbrain

To all MSM producers: Tell us who pays the war experts you are booking now

by Spocko

MSM's "America marches to war" shows will start Friday January 3, 2020.  Iran's General Soleimani's death has been described as a seismic event.

Cable news producers think, "This is probably going to mean a war in the middle east. Who can I book who is an expert in this region and war?" To the people in the news business that seems the obvious thing to do. They are just "covering the news" But they don't see that who they have on to talk about war helps define the event and how people react.

Selling war involves authority figures explaining what they think could happen or should happen. Keep an eye out for those retired generals. Who pays them? Do they work for people selling missiles, drones or boots on the ground suppliers?

Retired General Anthony Zinni, retired General Jack Keane and former Bush administration official Fran Townsend
 People need to hear from experts on NOT GOING TO WAR.Who are the DEESCALATION experts? What do they suggest we do?

We need to contact the shows and suggest, no DEMAND they list affiliations for every expert who talks about why and how America might have to go to war over this event.

Check their affiliations this time! That includes think tank people. Who funds them? Any foreign governments funding them? What are the names of the defense contractors who give millions a year to keep a "retired general" ready to go talk about the level of esclation we will have to start?

Lee Fang did a great piece on this in 2014 Who’s Paying the Pro-War Pundits? 

Dear producers: For every retired general can we PLEASE get an equal number of experts to talk about what we can do BESIDES go to war? Think of it like your favorite "Both sides" argument you use all the time.