Give Him His Turkey

by digby

... and put him to bed.

Tom Friedman says that even though people were tortured and killed in Bush's GWOT almost certainly out of sheer barbarity, and it's very unsatisfying that nobody will be brought to account, there's nothing to be done because prosecuting Rummy and Cheney will tear the country apart. And that's if we fail to stop the barbaric, primitive psychopathic animals who are coming to kill us all in our beds first.

The good news is that right now we have them all pinned down and distracted in Iraq so they haven't been able to put their minds to attacking us. (Apparently, they're not good multi-taskers.) But once we finish turning Iraq into the Iowa of the middle east and they have the time to focus on attacking America again, watch out because they're coming.

The bottom line is that they are trying to force our society to close up and lose all trust in our institutions. To prevent that we must cover up all the torture and murder our country has committed. Recall once again that psychotic monsters are lurking in every corner of the world, seeking ways to kill you and your family. In order to maintain our morals and values we have to be psychotic monsters ourselves. It's how we preserve our freedom.

Apparently Friedman still hasn't come down from his post 9/11 hysteria, which rendered him so dizzy and senseless he spent his time driving through Manhattan singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and babbling incoherently about sending crazy Don Rumsefeld to steal a turkey from a bedouin and put it under a mahogany table somewhere.

I think it's pretty clear that Friedman has some "issues" that disqualify him from being taken the least bit seriously about terrorism and the war in Iraq. At this point he's more to be pitied than censured.