Poor Little PC

by digby

Following up on my post of yesterday about Pete Peterson's devil spawn (ironically dubbed "PC") , Alison Kilkenny at True Slant delves more deeply:

...Here are some hits from the fruit of Patriarch Peterson’s loins:

While talking with his Mexican bro (and amid a slew of homoerotic utterances, which could have been contrived by producers), P.C. announced: “I don’t really know many Mexicans in New York besides, like, delivery guys.”

Going further, he explained, “Every time I say like, ‘Oh I’m seeing my friend in Mexico,’ they’re like ‘Ew a Mexican.”… But I always tell them you’re like the most beautiful Mexican ever ‘cause you’re like really tall…”

Someone’s gunning for Bartlett’s.

Hilariously, and in a weak attempt to distance PC from Pete Peterson, mama Paige explained that she is divorced from PC’s father, and so PC is not heir to a great fortune. In fact, she and PC lived “comfortably but modestly in an apartment on Central Park West.”

Unless he was living in the maid's quarters, I doubt it. Read the whole thing. Evidently Ole Grampaw Pete is mortified. And why wouldn't he be? After all, this is the argument he constantly makes about the need to put elderly ladies on a cat food diet as soon as possible:

"German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer said that the ultimate test of a moral society is the world that it leaves to its children. When I think of how we're passing on unthinkable taxes and debts, and slipping our kids and grandkids the check, I say we are failing that moral test."

I think maybe his grandkids might benefit from some unthinkable taxes and debts, don't you?