Issa vs Issa

Issa vs Issa

by digby

Being in the mendocracy majority means never having to say you're sorry:

Issa spokesman Kurt Bardella said Friday that the committee has “no intention” of issuing subpoenas for Clinton, Sestak or anyone else involved; he said similar job offers happen all the time.

“This isn’t isolated to the Obama administration. This goes back to everyone since Andrew Jackson. If you’re going to go down that road, you have to go back to every administration,” he said.

But Issa’s campaign sent out an e-mail in May saying the Clinton job offer could amount to three felony charges of bribery and corruption, and he blasted the White House for “arrogantly and wrongly” assuming the matter could be swept under the rug.

“This may be the way business is done in Chicago, but it’s not the way things are done in our nation’s [C]apitol and I am intent on getting to the bottom of this,” he said at the time.

I don't suppose the fact that the Republicans are openly bribing Joe Manchin to switch parties (just a day after it was reported that he was going ahead) might have anything to do with his sudden change of heart. After all, he's a man of principle.