Waiting for Morning in America

Waiting For Morning In America

by digby

Atrios asks:

I'm someone who pays attention to politics 16 hours per day and I still can't tell you, aside from a few tax cuts and unemployment benefits extensions, what the Democratic economic agenda is. Isn't that a problem?

I'm fairly sure I know what it is. I think they simply want to make as few waves as possible while the invisible hand and "savvy businessmen" magically fix everything so they can run on "Morning in America" in 2012. I think that's been the plan from the beginning. I don't think they have a Plan B.

In fact, the biggest irony of this administration is how much they have depended on the preservation of the status quo to fix the problems. (Ironic considering the "change" message they ran on. Fully expected from neo-liberal lawmakers.)

And yeah, it's a problem.